Class Descriptions

barre, bands & booty

​Achieve a sculpted booty with the assistance of a ballet barre, balls and resistance bands.

Boot Camp

Cardio intense workout routine! Body weight exercises, battle rope, tires, sledge hammers...Fun Stuff!  Call Tiff @ 941-809-6128 for more info!


This class focuses completely on your entire core!  Core is the basis of your balance!  Low impact.


Timed interval training for an intense cardio routine.

hYdrau pump

This is a timed interval class that utilizes hydraulic equipment (easy on the joints) and low impact cardio.


Kick and punch your way to a lean fit body. Heavy bags are used. Gloves required  $5/class


Sparring and heavy bags help sculpt a lean body.. Must have 5 minimum per class prepaid to Tiffany. Any questions, call Tiff (941) 809-6128. $10 per class for Saturday class and Lisa (941) 822-9675 for Monday & Thursday classes. $


Want a butta butt, legs and core? This class is for you. Low impact.


​This class isn't just for seniors anymore!  This class is designed to work on strengthening all of your core muscles to regain balance.  You work on your stability using mounted bars, if needed.  Our instructor uses bands, balls and light weights to tone your muscles.  This is a sit and fit class. There are no floor exercises.  

​step it up

Combine step class with weights to double the fun! 

stability ball

This 30 min class is packed tight with muscle toning, core-ripping cardio, all centered around a stability ball.

strength training 

Achieve long, lean muscle by learning how to use dumbbells. Low impact.

Upper Strength Conditioning

A sister class to Senior Balance and Mobility, this class focuses entirely on your upper body and the muscle groups it takes to push yourself up off the floor.

Weight training with Michelle

Training and sculpting muscles using a combination of FREE WEIGHTS, Kettle Bells and machines.  This class takes your workout to the next level!  This class is only $25 per month!  Call Michelle at 770-843-7064.


Yoga is a universal way to stretch, tone and relax your body. Low impact.​


family plan annual membership

3 family members for $65/month

Includes legal, dependent children under the age of 24, additional family members $18/month each

24 hour access

Membership  OPTIONs

*No annual contract required for the Month-to-Month and Student Memberships.

*Students must present valid ID.

*Prices are subject to Florida sales tax.

corporate annual memberships

$30.95/month with auto-pay

Active teacher, corporate & emergency responders, law enforcement, EMT, Fire, 24 hour access

All memberships include access to classes, at no additional fee, unless otherwise noted in the listing.

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6 Month special

$225  prepaid

*most classes included

24 hour access

​no annual membership required



No annual membership required.

4 month special 

$170 Prepaid 

​​*most classes included

No annual membership required.

24 hour access and includes most classes

One year membership


24 hour access

student membership


Must present valid student identification

No annual membership required.

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3 MONTH Special

$129 Prepaid 

​​*most classes included

No annual membership required.

24 hour access and includes most classes

Day Pass      


Weekly Pass


two year membership

$30.95/month with auto-pay

24 hour access

Sign-up lists are available to reserve a spot in the classes.