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Hydraulic Circuit Training!

Demonstration and Orientation 

Full body workout, set to a timer for a well-rounded full body training.  We do the hard part. You just follow along.

All are welcome!  Bring a friend!

Give the Gift of Health and Fitness!

Gift certificates are available for any length of membership!


Smoothies: Buy one get the next one 50% off

Barre Class: 1 month prepaid $35 & a reserved spot 
Barre Class: drop-in $5/session

Try Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: First session is FREE!

Kick Boxing: First session is FREE!

November special

Woodstock: 3 months $105

Snoopy: 6 months $195

Charlie Brown:​1 year $350

Lucy & Linus Special:

1 people/prepaid 6 months $375

Classes and 24 hour access included!

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​Limited Time Only!

Special Events